The Honda brand is known for the fuel-efficient powertrains, brilliant designs, and ready-to-move engine options. Many of our West Caldwell drivers have been wondering, "How does a Honda hybrid work?" Allow us to explain.

The powertrain of a Honda hybrid vehicle comes includes four main parts, the engine, battery pack, brake system, and transmission. Each of these work together to create the fuel-economy that we all know and love. For this example, we'll use the Honda Accord Hybrid.

  • Engine - With a 2.0-liter I-4 engine, the Honda Accord Hybrid can switch being in and out of the Atkinson cycle combustion. This helps provide the performance and fuel economy that makes the hybrid excel.
  • Battery Pack - The battery pack needs to be lightweight, but still packed with ions and be air-cooled.
  • Brake System - In order to regenerate the battery pack, the brakes make electricity as soon as the accelerator isn't being pushed anymore. This increases efficiency and performance.
  • Transmission - With the electric motor helping move your vehicle along, the transmission chooses between utilizing the hybrid and gasoline option.

If you'd like to test out one of the Honda hybrid vehicles for yourself, we would love for you to visit our Paul Miller Honda of West Caldwell dealership. We have many new Honda cars and SUVs in stock, in every powertrain, size, and performance option, and look forward to offering you a test drive today!

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